SOCCER: Central York boys suffer gut-wrenching loss

, 505-5402/@P_StroheckerDallastown vs Central York boys soccer

NEFFSVILLE — One of the beautiful things about soccer is that any given shot can ultimately determine the game’s fate.

Of course, it’s only great if you’re on the right end of one of those winners. If you’re on the losing end, it will leave you with your head buried in your hands.

Time and time again on Tuesday night at Manheim Township High School in a District 3 Class 4-A boys’ soccer semifinal, the Central York team gave itself every opportunity to score a winning goal. Time and time again, however, the Panthers were turned away by Elizabethtown keeper Austin Denlinger.

He kept Central off the board through the opening half. Then again in the second half. Then once more in the first extra time period. Before the Panthers could begin their barrage of attempts in the second extra period, heartbreak struck them.


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